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Join us for a fun and educational event as we count dolphins around Charleston Harbor! This is a free, family-friendly event that welcomes community scientists of all ages. Help us gather important data about the local dolphin population while enjoying a day near the water.

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Lowcountry Marine Mammal Network (LMMN), we believe science is very important. We also believe awareness can create change. LMMN’s 7th annual community scientist event, Dolphin Count, will bring education and science together for a fun, all ages, interactive event to raise awareness about Charleston’s resident population of bottlenose dolphins. Dolphin Count has brought together over 2,000 participants to help us record over 500 dolphin sightings!

Did you know approximately 300 dolphins call Charleston home year-round? That is unique because it gives us an opportunity to monitor them to understand their threats and needed protection. These animals have found a safe place to eat, socialize, and rear young and they deserve to live in a quiet, clean environment.

On April 20th, Dolphin Count will bring together marine mammal experts, enthusiastic volunteers and interested community members to:

  • LEARN more about Charleston’s true “locals”, their behaviors, and home ranges.

  • RAISE awareness about ways our community can view dolphins responsibly.

  • ENGAGE the community on the threats these animals face and ways each of us can help.

  • COLLECT valuable data using citizen scientists.

  • ANSWER questions and teach the next generation of marine stewards.

  • ENCOURAGE each participant to take action for more local protections such as plastic bans, protecting Capt Sams Inlet and fighting seismic drilling.

Why is Dolphin Count important?

  1. Each year dolphins face threats in Charleston’s waters such as crab pot entanglements, harassment, entanglement and ingestion of marine debris, seismic drilling, and habitat destruction.

  2. Citizen scientists can help us collect valuable data needed to help monitor this population.

  3. Dolphins are federally protected, yet, each year dolphins are harmed by humans.

  4. Dolphin Count is the only marine mammal community event!

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Click the image to learn more about Dolphin Week!


Join us for our 1st annual charity golf tournament, Golfin' for Dolphins

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Check out the data from 2023's Dolphin Count! 
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Choose from one of 12 stations across the peninsula. You must register as space is limited at each site. 
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Download our Dolphin Counting mobile APP- 'Dolphin Count'

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