Stranding response

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Each year, in South Carolina, we see about 65-80 marine mammals strand. While most coastal states have 5-15 stranding response teams, here in South Carolina, we only have one. LMMN works in partnership with The South Carolina Marine Mammal Stranding Network (SCMMSN), lead by Coastal Carolina, to help respond to these strandings all along the state's coastline. By responding to these strandings we are able to gather valuable data on the species as well as the health of our coastline. With this information, we are able to better protect our local marine mammals. 

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How To Help a Marine Mammal

  • REPORT a stranded marine mammal (dead or alive) to SCDNR’s Wildlife stranding hotline at: 1.800.922.5431

  • DO NOT APPROACH, touch, or attempt to push a stranded marine mammal back into the water. These animals are sick and wild. 

  • DO NOT HARASS marine mammals. Any disturbance to aniamls by our behavior can be considered harassment and fined up to 100k. Put your engine in neutral. Never follow, chase or approach a marine mammal.

  • AVOID approaching dolphins within 50 yards from a vessel and 15 yards on land. 

  • DO NOT FEED any marine mammal. Feeding animals can make them desensitized to humans and boats and can result in aggressive behavior and boat strikes. 

  • CLEAN UP trash and garbage. Marine mammals will confuse trash for food and ingest foreign objects, resulting in illness and death.