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Become a Volunteer!

Kiawah and Seabrook is a popular known strand feeding spot. Volunteers post signage and are on-site to educate visitors about this unique behavior and safety measures to follow.

Please email for more info. 

Charleston is home to 300-350 local Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphins! Our volunteers collect baseline data on these animals through short 1.5 hour shifts around the CHS area. 

We are not taking new volunteers at this time.

LMMN host or attends ~40 events each year! Volunteers help with tabling outreach which includes showcasing marine mammal bones, sharing information on our local dolphins, and selling merchandise to support them!

South Carolina has 50-70 marine mammal strandings every year. Our volunteers help assist us in the field to scribe, take photos, take measurements, and help with necropsies (with training). 

We are not taking new volunteers at this time.

We engage the next generation through private camps, school programs, and STEM events. Volunteers help us teach kids to care and be stewards of our oceans.

Dolphin Count is our largest citizen scientist event of the year! Volunteers lead counts, educate guests on our local dolphins, and act as ambassadors for LMMN at one of the 12 sites.

Please follow our social media for opportunistic opportunities! Email to learn more.
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