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Why Give?

We love what we do and couldn't do it without supporters like YOU, our dedicated volunteers, and strong partnerships. We are so looking forward to the NEW Year for new beginnings, new programs, and new connections. We have a lot in store and we hope you'll join us!


Will you join us reach our goal of $20,000 this Giving Season? 

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What does GIVING go towards?

This year our team is raising money for a research vessel. Currently, we rely on others to assist us in the response or retrieval of animals. This often delays our response and sometimes we do not respond at all because of availability. This means animals can't be helped or we miss important data. The boat will also be used for research, outreach and monitoring. 

With your help, together we can protect our local marine mammals in South Carolina.

As a 501(c)3, Your donations are tax deductible.

Our tax ID: 81-4887156.

You did it! Thank you!

Thanks to our generous supporters, we reached our $15,000 Giving Season goal!

So, we are raising it!

You can still help us do even more in 2023 by continuing to donate!

Other ways to give


For just $35 you can adopt a dolphin and make a difference! You will receive a certificate and a cute dolphin plushy to prove it. 


Join our membership program and regularly give to #ProtectWhatYouLove


Purchase something off our Amazon Wishlist to support our stranding response and education programs.

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Shop for the cause! You can get all your gifts taken care of and feel good about it. 

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