Why Give?

We are so thankful to be here after a tough 18 months. Our team adapted, pivoted, and pushed forward and are stronger for it. We love what we do and couldn't do it without supporters like YOU, our dedicated volunteers, and strong partnerships. We are so looking forward to the NEW Year for new beginnings, new programs, and new connections. We have a lot in store and hope you'll join us!


 WE love marine mammals here and I bet you do too. WHY? Because these animals share our backyard.  We connect with them as mammals and find child-like wonder as we watch them in their habitat. They are top predators in their environment and without them, the environment would be out-of-whack!

We NEED them.

Will you join us in raising $5,000 this Giving Season? 


What does GIVING go towards?

  • Pilot a school program to bring ocean literacy into local schools

  • Buy supplies for our stranding response efforts

  • Support our educators with basic supplies

  • Provide FREE programs

  • Provide stipends to our awesome interns

With your help, together we can protect our local marine mammals in South Carolina.

As a 501(c)3, Your donations are tax deductible.

Our tax ID: 81-4887156.

Join us on #GivingTuesday (November 30th) for the world-wide movement of giving

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