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The Hope Summit 2022 is a solutions-centric celebration of community action, stewardship, regenerative management, and systems-based solutions in the fight against climate change and biodiversity loss. These events include a virtual conference and a festival.

  1. Virtual Conference – The Virtual Conference will feature multidisciplinary panels of experts and local stakeholders from the southeastern United States who will share their perspectives and strategies for facilitating community-driven solutions to climate change, conservation, and restoration of biodiversity.

  2. In-person Charleston Conservation Festival – A market of ideas and volunteerism where community members can discover community-driven climate change solutions and meet Charleston's conservation community and educational organizations at Brewlab.


Hope comes from agency and agency comes from actionable solutions. By Promoting collaboration between local solutions-driven organizations and facilitating means by which community members can get involved with those organizations, we can promote agency and thus hope in our local community.



The Hope Summit is a collaboration between the Charleston hub of the Sustainable Ocean Alliance and the Lowcountry Marine Mammal Network.

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2022 Partners
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