Why Give?

We love what we do and couldn't do it without supporters like YOU, our dedicated volunteers, and strong partnerships. We are so looking forward to the NEW Year for new beginnings, new programs, and new connections. We have a lot in store and we hope you'll join us!


 Each year we get calls about animals in need of help on the water. This provides challenges because we don't have a BOAT. We call on our partners and volunteers to see if someone is available to help. This can take hours, days, or not at all. This summer our team was called to help respond to an entangled dolphin in the Charleston Harbor. Time was of the essence! It took our team about an hour to get on the water as we coordinated with one of our partners, delaying potentially life-saving time. We couldn't find the animal. Luckily, additional reports came in and after 2 days one of our partners disentangled the dolphin!  While this dolphin got lucky, others are not based on our delayed time of response finding an available boat. Your year-end donations will help us purchase our own boat! 


Will you join us reach our goal of $15,000 this Giving Season? 

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What does GIVING go towards?

This year our team is raising money for a research vessel. Currently, we rely on others to assist us in the response or retrieval of animals. This often delays our response and sometimes we do not respond at all because of availability. This means animals can't be helped or we miss important data. The boat will also be used for research, outreach and monitoring. 

With your help, together we can protect our local marine mammals in South Carolina.

As a 501(c)3, Your donations are tax deductible.

Our tax ID: 81-4887156.

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