Dolphin Count brings together marine mammal experts, enthusiastic volunteers and interested community members to:

  • LEARN more about Charleston’s true “locals”, their behaviors, and home ranges.

  • RAISE awareness about ways our community can view dolphins responsibly.

  • ENGAGE the community on the threats these animals face and ways each of us can help.

  • COLLECT valuable data using citizen scientists.

  • ANSWER questions and teach the next generation of marine stewards.

  • ENCOURAGE each participant to take action for more local protections such as plastic bans, protecting Capt Sams Inlet and fighting seismic drilling.

Channel your inner scientist because on this day and help us gather important data on our local dolphin population. This event is for ALL ages & is incredibly fun. 


  • Who can participate?
    Everyone! It's for all ages :) 

  • Where is it taking place?
    Anybody of water where you can expect to see dolphins!

  • How much does it cost?

  • How do I get involved?
    Download the Dolphin Count App and get outside and count!


Orange grove charter elem girlscout trou

Celebrate dolphins All week long!

Monday: Yoga on the Beach

WeDnesday: Barrier Islands Ecotour

Thursday: Drinks for Dolphins

Friday: Kayak Tour 


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Count Dolphins Anywhere, anytime with our citizen science app!

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